Yearbook 24h Le Mans 2015 - French

Yearbook 24h Le Mans 2015  - French

Yearbook 24h Le Mans 2015 - French

This beautiful illustrated book recalls the highlights of the 2015 24 Heures du Mans with brand-new content and exclusive photographs of the high points of the 83rd edition: test days, trials, podium races, results and analysis.
Published annually since 1978, this official book is a must-have for 24 Heures du Mans fans.

Yearbook 24h Le Mans 2015 - French

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Since 1978, the annual Le Mans 24 Hours has been bringing the race to life through text and, above all, images, as well as the preparations and the fever that grips the Préfecture de la Sarthe in the week leading up to the start. Each car and its driver are presented. From the preliminary tests to the explosion of joy following the chequered flag, via the weighing-in, the drivers' parade and above all the highlights of each hour, nothing is missing.
For the more passionate, a technical chapter with tables and statistics completes the picture. And by calling on the services of well-known photographers, the ever-changing atmosphere of late afternoon, night and sunrise in a setting different from that of a traditional circuit is perfectly captured.

Publisher: ETAI
Pages: 256
Dimensions: 24.3 cm x 32.2 cm
Available in English and French

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