Yearbook 24h Le Mans 2004 - French

Livre Annuel 24h Du Mans 2004 En Français

Yearbook 24h Le Mans 2004 - French

This beautiful illustrated book recalls the highlights of the 2004 24 Heures du Mans with brand-new content and exclusive photographs of the high points of the 72nd edition: test days, trials, podium races, results and analysis.
Published annually since 1978, this official book is a must-have for 24 Heures du Mans fans.

Yearbook 24h Le Mans 2004 - French

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For the first time in the event's history, a driver won for the fifth time in a row. Tom Kristensen, who had already won in 1997, now joins Jacky Ickx on the list of most victories. He goes down in history with his friend Rinaldo Capello, who was part of the winning team in 2003, and Seiji Ara, the second Japanese driver to add his name to the 24 Hours Golden Book. This was the first victory for a private Japanese competitor, the Goh team, which is so dear to the heart of its founder, Mr Goh. As usual, this book recounts the entire course of the event, from the preliminary practice day on 29 April to the chequered flag, including scrutineering, the moments specific to the 24 Hours, such as the Drivers' Parade, the press conferences, the warm-up and all the pre-race ceremonial.

Publisher: Chronosports
Pages: 245
Dimensions: 24.3 cm x 32.2 cm
Available in English and French

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