Bd 24h Du Mans 1968-1969 - Rien Ne Sert De Courir

Bd 24h Du Mans 1968-1969

Bd 24h Du Mans 1968-1969 - Rien Ne Sert De Courir

This album of the 24 Heures du Mans recounts two of the most famous editions and pays tribute to the “oldies” because in both cases

Bd 24h Du Mans 1968-1969 - Rien Ne Sert De Courir

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Comic book 24H du Mans 1968-1969

1969. The drivers were getting ready to run to jump in their cars on the starting line of the 24 Heures du Mans. All except one: Jacky Ickx. To protest against the dangerous hairpin bend start, and in memory of his friend Willy Mairesse’s accident in the rain-stricken 1968 edition, Ickx decided to walk to his GT40. He set off in last place in an old Ford model but managed to overtake the fearsome and popular Porsches one by one, resulting in one of the most memorable finals! Despite being only 24, the young Belgian prodigy showed his impressive tactical thinking, as well as a capacity for pure speed...

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